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Biggest moments from House of The Dragon Season 2 Premiere

House of the Dragon returns with more shocking moments.



Daemon Targaryen
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House of the Dragon is finally back, and the comparisons to Game of Thrones have begun. Fans are eager to see how closely the show follows George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood and what changes have been made to the source material.

This episode has a more even pacing, allowing characters more time to develop, unlike season 1, which had many time jumps and explosive moments in every episode. As a result, there are fewer breathtaking, shocking, or awe-inspiring scenes.

However, if you pay close attention, many moments are more important than they appear, hinting at future events. There’s also a major moment towards the end that has already divided fans. Here are some of the biggest highlights from the episode.

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The funeral for Lucerys


Credits: Max

Rhaenyra finds the remains of Lucerys Velaryon’s dragon, Arrax, caught in a fisherman’s net. This suggests that the dragon didn’t wash ashore but was retrieved by a fisherman in the middle of the sea.

The reunion of Jacaerys and Rhaenyra after Jacaerys returns from the north is a deeply emotional moment that will surely touch viewers’ hearts. During Lucerys’s funeral, they burn his clothes, which Rhaenyra found in the net. Attendees include Jacaerys, Joffrey, Rhaenys, Rhaena, Baela, and Corlys. Joffrey tosses a toy horse into the fire, the same horse Lucerys once played with at Laena’s funeral, while telling Corlys he didn’t want to be his heir.

This solemn event is intercut with scenes of Alicent Hightower lighting candles in the Great Sept at King’s Landing for her deceased mother, Alerie Florent, her husband, Viserys Targaryen, and Lucerys Velaryon. Notably, Lucerys’s body was never found.

In the intro, we see a visual of Lucerys falling off Arrax with his body intact. There is a theory in Fire and Blood that Lucerys lost his memory after the incident and lived as a fisherman, and the show might explore this idea.

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Alicent and Cole’s Relationship

Alicent Hightower

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Many fans who followed interviews and leaks knew about this moment, but it was still surprising. Alicent and Cole are in a secret relationship, and Alicent tells Cole they need to end it. However, Cole seems to know it will continue, as he asks Alicent to help him dress, and she buttons his cloak.

Despite their efforts, their relationship is not as secret as they think. Larys tries to talk to Alicent but is told she is busy while she is with Cole. Otto notices Alicent and Cole arriving at the small council meeting together and gives them a knowing look.

Aemond seems aware that Alicent is influencing Cole to avoid pursuing a violent war strategy, which she voices in the meeting. The only person seemingly unaware of the situation is Aegon, who appears oblivious.

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Aegon’s Petitions


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Tom Glynn-Carney delivers a strong performance as Aegon this season. Aegon appears to genuinely want to do his job well, aiming to fulfill the demands of the smallfolk rather than taxing them for war. However, his lack of foresight is evident.

Otto intervenes when Aegon tries to return a flock of sheep to a shepherd, reminding him that the sheep are needed to feed the dragons. Aegon then takes a firmer stance, promising to break the Velaryon blockade affecting trade and insisting on paying blacksmiths making weapons.

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By the end of these scenes, Otto reluctantly agrees with Aegon’s decisions, but he seems unaware that many in the Red Keep, including Larys, Aegon, Aemond, Cole, and possibly Alicent, are turning against him.

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Small Council Meeting


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During the small council meeting, it’s revealed that the Vale and the North are ignoring the Greens’ letters, but the Greens have the support of the Stormlands due to Aemond’s marriage pact with Floris Baratheon.

Tyland mentions that Jason Lannister is assembling the Lannister army at the Golden Tooth, as seen in trailers. Otto’s nephew Ormund is preparing to march the Hightower army from Oldtown, though Daeron is not mentioned.

This indicates the Greens are gearing up for war, facing no resistance until reaching the Riverlands. Aemond emphasizes the need for control over Harrenhal, a soon-to-be contested area.

Aegon proposes burning the Riverlands and the Velaryon blockade with the combined might of Vhagar and Sunfyre. He also considers going to Riverrun to negotiate with Lord Tully, but Alicent and Cole persuade him to stay, arguing that Vhagar is needed to protect the capital. Despite everything, even Otto seems to accept that war is inevitable, with only Alicent trying to broker peace.

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Blood and Cheese


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Finally, we reach a highly anticipated and discussed moment, one that was compared to the Red Wedding and other horrific events. When Rhaenyra returns after finding Luke’s remains, she utters the words that ignite the war, officially starting hostilities between the two factions. Although the Velaryons had blockaded the Gullet and King’s Landing is on high alert, the Greens are still proceeding cautiously, trying to broker peace.

Rhaenyra’s demand for Aemond Targaryen’s death spurs Daemon into immediate action. Unable to convince others to help him, with Rhaenys refusing to go to King’s Landing to kill Vhagar with Meleys and Caraxes, Daemon eagerly seizes the chance to kill Vhagar’s rider. This leads to the recruitment of Blood and Cheese with Mysaria’s help. Mysaria, forced to flee King’s Landing due to the Greens, still has enough knowledge of the city’s underbelly to assist the Blacks.

Blood, a city watchman who despises the Hightowers, and Cheese, a ratcatcher in deep debt, enter the Red Keep through Maegor’s tunnels. These tunnels, constructed by Maegor when he built the Red Keep, are known to be used for spying by people like Varys and Daemon. Though Blood and Cheese use them to enter the keep, royal family members will likely use these tunnels later to escape when the city’s situation worsens.

The actual murder is depicted differently from the book while maintaining its essence, with Helaena forced to choose one of her children. Although it takes place offscreen, the murder is portrayed in a cold, methodical manner, making it even more horrifying. Helaena’s quiet withdrawal and what she stumbles upon by the episode’s end underscore her tragic fate in this war. Things will only get worse for her from here.

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