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RUMOR: Sophie Turner cheated on Joe Jonas leading to divorce, TMZ alleges




Game of Thrones was a jumbling mess of relationships. However, real life is not too different. Relationships in real life are as complicated as reel ones, if not more. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who played Sansa, isn’t having much luck in romance, just like her character on the show. She is splitting up with her husband of 4 years, Joe Jonas, and she might be the reason for it.

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Sophie Turner allegedly cheated on Joe Jonas, TMZ reports

The news about Turner and Jonas’ divorce came out quite recently, and TMZ was the first to report it. Another report by the news site hints that it might have been Turner’s fault that their relationship didn’t work out despite having two kids. The report states that Joe claimed to have seen Sophie say or do something on a ring cam that made him realize the marriage was finished. However, none of their PR agents have said anything yet, and the report is a rumor at best.

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The couple disposed of their Miami estate

Nearly none of the fans anticipated that the pair would wind up in this situation, but the insider claims that tensions between Sophie and Joe have been high ever since they welcomed their second kid. Both of them are reportedly quite busy with their jobs, with Joe on tour and Sophie attempting to return to television. But the children generally hang out with their father. The couple’s Miami property, which they bought jointly to live with their family in the US, has already been sold.

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Why even bother getting married. Celebrities are ridiculous