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One Piece live-action’s budget surpasses Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones was the most popular show of the twenty-first century. It broke records in terms of viewership, awards earned, and production costs. Being such a huge success assured that fans would be able to return to Westeros, which is why we received the prequel series House of the Dragon. However, another live-action adaptation has managed to surpass Game of Thrones’ massive budget.

Netflix’s One-Piece is now costlier than Game of Thrones

The live adaptation of the One Piece anime, which was released recently, has managed to captivate hearts and has been praised for its faithfulness to the source material. Netflix has invested a lot to make a proper live-action adaptation of an anime this time, with each episode costing about 18 million dollars to make. In comparison, Game of Thrones needed about 15 million dollars per episode.

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Will Netflix’s One Piece have a Season 2?

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One Piece Season 1 presently occupies the 11th position on the list of series with the most hours seen in their first week with 140 million. With such a massive success, Netflix will be looking forward to capitalizing on the show’s popularity, and it is more than likely that One Piece will be renewed for a second Season.

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