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Rhaena Targaryen might claim a sheep-eating wild dragon in House of the Dragon Season 2




The second season of House of the Dragon is right around the corner, and HBO has been dropping bombs much to the fans’ excitement. Along with several first looks and new teasers, there are also rumors and speculations about the upcoming installment that may/may not upset the fans. Because some of these hint at the show veering off from the source material.

Rhaena to claim a dragon in House of the Dragon Season 2

The younger Targaryen generation will be the focus of House of the Dragon Season 2, and that includes Daemon’s daughter Baela and Rhaena. Rhaena will finally get her own dragon, but her story is reminiscent of a different character, Nettles, who was supposed to be there in this season. Rhaena will be claiming a sheep-stealing dragon from Vales, according to a fan account Wake the Dragon, instead of hatching her own, like in Fire & Blood.

In the book, Rhaena originally had a young and fragile pink-scaled dragon, named Morning, one of the few to survive the Dance of the Dragons.

Bethany Antonia hinted at changes from Fire & Blood in the official script

The season 2 plot will differ greatly from the book plot, especially in regards to the children’s section, as actress Bethany Antonia—who portrays Baela—alluded to in a previous interview. The actor disclosed:

“While the overall storyline remains largely consistent, the showrunners have executed a brilliant adaptation by involving the children of the dance much earlier. For example, my character doesn’t get involved in the Dance of the Dragons until later in the books. In the books, Baela [Targaryen] is kind of hiding out at Dragonstone and things are happening around her.

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In the show, however, the screenwriters had the children involved from the start, with the onset of war prompting the children to prepare for battle right from the beginning. This early involvement allows for new narrative avenues, enabling the incorporation of the characters into scenarios not found in the original books. It’s an exciting development that expands our characters’ roles beyond the material in the books.”

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