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Game of Thrones: Conquest celebrates House of the Dragon Season 2 with new events and rewards



Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Season 2 promo
Credits: WBGames
The lines have been drawn. Team Green or Team Black? Shop your allegiance on the Official House of the Dragon Shop

Game of Thrones: Conquest has joined in on the revelry as House of the Dragon Season 2 release inches closer. The final trailer of the much-awaited HBO show has been released and fans are clamoring to see how the battle unfolds. Now, Game of Thrones: Conquest is joining the House of the Dragon Season 2 promotions.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is a fan-favorite game set in the ruthless world of Westeros. Turbine and Warner Bros. Games have jointly developed the game. The game is based on strategies and battles to claim the top spot. The latest update in the mobile game celebrates House of the Dragon season 2 events.

Game of Thrones: Conquest releases House of the Dragon update

A new trailer teaser to show the latest developments in the game was released on its official X account. It shows the two factions at war with each other to claim the Iron Throne. Moreover, it lets users pick which side they would like to support in the game as they move ahead. Filled with merciless battles and dreadful dragons, the game takes a unique turn and keeps fans hooked.

Whatever viewers will see on screen in the second season of House of the Dragon, players can adapt their strategies and eventually win at Game of Thrones: Conquest. The game has further introduced more characters to the setting. Users are free to choose the characters of their choice including Rhaenyra Targaryen, Otto Hightower, and Alicent Hightower among others. They can also pick the dragons to include in their factions.

Moreover, there are over 140 new customizations that the players can enjoy in Game of Thrones: Conquest. This includes editing dragons, banners, and more. Players are now free to create a world of their own within the confines of Westeros. Thus, they can play new challenges and earn great rewards every day.

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Consequently, Game of Thrones: Conquest rouses the desire in players to forge their destiny and craft unique strategies to win the game. The new updates are set to attract a larger player base and delight the present fanbase equally.

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