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Ramin Djawadi recalls composing the tunes for House of The Dragon



ramin djawadi

Game of Thrones had some of the best soundtracks in television history, thanks to the creative genius of music composer Ramin Djawadi. He returned with his amazing scores for House of The Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel series, and just the teaser trailer was enough to remind the fans why we love his work so much. He will be back in May this year with a live concert, featuring some of the best tunes from the Game of Thrones franchise.

How Ramin Djawadi concocted the music for House of The Dragon

In his interview with Collider, Djawadi recalled, “It was definitely an interesting but, of course, exciting experience because we always said the DNA needs to be the same, it needs to be connected, but it’s all new characters, the plot’s, obviously, it’s a prequel. So it’s way before our Game of Thrones setting, and so how do we connect things, and how do we do new things but stay kind of within the same sound of Game of Thrones?”

“The story really kind of guided me on that, like whenever we talk about things that can connect to later in the future, then we would use original themes. Also, the Targaryen theme, or the dragon theme, was set up so I could use those, but otherwise, I want to say 95% of it is all new material that I had to write. So it was almost, I wouldn’t say starting over, but definitely, thematically, I started from scratch.”

When is the Game of Thrones Live Concert?

The Game of Thrones Live Concert will feature music composer Ramin Djawadi and will be returning after several years for one night only on May 13, 2023, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles from 8 p.m. The concert is being produced by Live Nation and will feature big-screen visuals and pyrotechnics.

Where can you get the tickets for the Game of Thrones Live Concert?

The tickets for the official Game of Thrones Live Concert are already out. You can purchase yours from the official ticket master website right here. The tickets range from $29.50 to $7199 depending on the location and kind of seat you prefer.

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