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Ramin Djawadi explains how the Game of Thrones Live Concert helps him connect with the audience emotionally




Composer Ramin Djawadi, who gave us some phenomenal soundtracks for Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon, introduced us to a new world of music-induced goosebumps. It wouldn’t surprise most of us to know that we’ve got a separate playlist of both the show’s tracks. Now that the world of House of The Dragon has revived the Game of Thrones craze, we’ve got the chance to watch the music being created before our very eyes, in the Game of Thrones Live Concert.

How the Game of Thrones Live Concert “pushes the emotions a lot”

Speaking to Collider about his upcoming Game of Thrones Live Concert, which returns after 4 years, Djawadi said, “Absolutely, that’s what’s so great about these live shows, that I’m able to connect with all the listeners out there because normally I can’t when the show is on air. But that’s what’s really amazing in these live settings because there is an audience, and this being a music show, obviously, the music is in the foreground.”

“We have either no dialogue at all or when we have dialogue it’s just a little snippet here and there. So it’s really just the music-only show obviously. That really pushes the emotions a lot, and it’s very interesting to see the audience react to certain scenes, even though most of them know what’s going to happen when we perform the music to certain scenes, but still, you can see that they kind of relive all these scenes and they react and they scream when they see their favorite character, or when somebody dies, and that makes it really fun.”

When and where will the Game of Thrones Live Concert be held?

The official Game of Thrones Twitter account recently announced the Game of Thrones Concert Experience, which is going to be a unique blend of visual effects, significant moments from the show, and the epic soundtrack that makes Game of Thrones more irresistible.

The live concert will feature music composer Ramin Djawadi and will be returning after several years for one night only on May 13, 2023, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The concert is being produced by Live Nation and will feature big-screen visuals and pyrotechnics.

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