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New promo for House of the Dragon season 2 shows Rhaenyra’s might as a ruler



The Greens started the war on the wrong foot by killing Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys. Now, she is hungry for revenge and will stop at nothing to pursue the enemy until their will breaks.

The latest promo for House of the Dragon season 2 shows Rhaenyra pulling all the stops to win the war. In the Dance of the Dragons, only one side will emerge victorious while bloodshed will be common on both ends.

Similar to how Rhaenyra will stop at nothing, Alicent will do everything in her power to sustain the Iron Throne and consolidate her kingdom. She has to protect her kids from Rhaenyra’s wrath while juggling the threat to the throne.

New promo shows Rhaenyra’s wrath

Credits: Max

From battle on land to the fiery war between dragons, the second season of House of the Dragon is going to be epic. The showrunner Ryan Condal claimed that fans need to gear up for two massive battles in the upcoming seasons. One of these is speculated to be the battle at Rook’s Rest while the other one remains to be seen.

The promo also sheds light on Daemon’s arrogance as he believes the Greens are too eager to die. He believes in earning a sure-shot victory despite the stakes being too high.

Waves of anger are flaring on both sides. The Greens and the Blacks both have too much to lose and gain simultaneously, all hinging on the outcomes of these wars.

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The respective dragons are going to be the factions’ greatest weapons in this war of a lifetime. Any remnants of their familial ties and love are going to vanish as the war turns ugly and brutal. No matter what happens, the people at King’s Landing are going to suffer the brunt of the war. Their needs are going to get squashed amidst their power battle.

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