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Fans have spotted Pink Dread in King Viserys’ sculpture of Valyria




Lucerys Velaryon made himself a fine enemy after bullying Aemond Targaryen. We see the first of their shenanigans in episode 6 where everyone is interacting with their dragons, except Aemond. The other boys poke fun at Aemond by presenting to him “The Pink Dread”, a large pig, for him to ride. We see another reference to this in House of the Dragon episode 8 when Lucerys snickers at Aemond as a roast pig is placed right in front of the one-eyed prince. But eagle-eyed fans have noticed that maybe even the King himself found the Pink Dread situation hilarious.

House of the Dragon - The Pink Dread

King Viserys had been building a huge sculpture of Valyria in his chambers. One of the fans caught a little winged pig in the midst of the various other buildings. In Valyrian maps, a symbol of a dragon perched atop a royal house represented that they were dragon lords. So, it is quite hilarious that Viserys is using this pig to represent someone, most probably Aemond.

Fans have spotted Pink Dread in King Viserys Targaryen's sculpture of Valyria

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Viserys does have a sense of humor but we have not seen him interacting much with the kids he has with Alicent. So it’s nice to see him include an adorable inside joke that would have reminded him of his son. Do you have any other theory surrounding this ping with wings in Valyria? Join our discord server and share your thoughts with other fans!

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