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Aboar Ahai: Fans say the boar Rhaenyra killed was the Prince that was Promised



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Azor Ahai is said to be the most legendary heroic figure in Essos. He was the chosen one who fought the darkness caused by the Great Other. The religion of R’hllor refers to the god of darkness and evil. After Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy, it is believed that Azor Ahai will be reborn once more, and he shall be the Prince that was Promised. So why do some fans speculate that the Prince is a boar?

First, look back to A Game of Thrones season 1, where a boar mortally wounds King Robert Baratheon. Now, in House of the Dragon season 1, a wild boar charges at Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne. What’s going on with the boars in Westeros? Why are they out for royal blood? Fans think there is a boar conspiracy going around in the Seven Kingdoms. The conspiracy talks of how all these boar incidents seem like the boars are playing their own Game of Thrones. So, could they have their own Azor Ahai as well?

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The Aboar Ahai Theory

rhaenyra after boar attack

Princess Rhaenyra after the boar’s first attack

Here’s what we know of the qualifications needed to be Azor Ahai:

  1. Have some divine intervention in his motives
    The boar charging Robert was described as “monstrous” and a “devil” and Robert himself says, “the god sent the boar.” The King was known as one of the best warriors of his time; the boar must have been unnaturally skilled to have outsmarted him. Or perhaps, the boar had the wisdom of the gods?
  2. “Born amidst salt and smoke.”
    When Melisandre explained to Stannis’ men about Azor Ahai, she also spoke of this line. Renly Baratheon replied, “born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham?”. Looks like Robert also had the idea of ham when he ordered the boar to be killed and cooked. Hence, the boar which killed Robert was reborn “amidst salt and smoke” as ham. Additionally, the boar which attacked Rhaenyra will probably also be given the ‘salt and smoke’ treatment.
  3. “Making the world anew.”
    According to a high priest of R’hllor, Benerro, Azor Ahai will make the world anew. By killing Robert Baratheon, the boar helped usher in an age of chaos, ultimately leading to Daenerys’s fiery descent. Is this making the world anew? If the boar attacking Rhaenyra had succeeded, it would’ve helped avoid the Dance of Dragons altogether. Eliminating Rhaenyra from the picture would make things much easier for the entire kingdom.

The Pig that was Promised


In a Game of Thrones, Melisandre insisted using King’s blood for blood magic yields better results. She believed it possessed magical powers. After injuring Robert, the boar must have found himself with a surplus of King’s blood. Did the special blood help the boar gain some magical powers? And did these magical powers help the boar be reborn back in time as the boar that charged Rhaenyra in an attempt to avoid the most prominent civil war in Westeros? Do these boars have a connection? Westeros really needs to get on its wild boar problem.

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Do you think the vengeful boars are ‘The Pigs that were promised’? Were they reincarnations of Aboar Aham? What did you think of this hilarious connection? Let us know in the comments.

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