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Pedro Pascal’s exit from horror project might be further proof he’s MCU’s Reed Richards



Pascal in Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell

Pedro Pascal has a lot of filming to do this year. In HBO’s The Last of Us, the former member of the Game of Thrones cast had a fantastic start in 2023, winning over both reviewers and audiences with his depiction of Joel.

It was for this that he received his first-ever Emmy nomination. There are rumors that Pascal will be joining the MCU, and he may play a part that would thrill the fans even more.

Pedro Pascal quits ‘Weapons’ due to scheduling conflicts with ‘Fantastic Four’

Pascal has a slew of projects he is working on this year, including The Last of Us and the rumored Fantastic Four movie. He was also working on a horror film, ‘Weapons’, being developed by Barbarian director Zach Kregger.

However, according to a recent scoop by Jeff Sneider, Pascal dropped the project to make time for Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film. Hopefully, his arm injury won’t come in the way of his filming.

Who will Pedro Pascal play in the MCU?

Pascal is playing Mister Fantastic a.k.a. Reed Richards, who is a physicist and inventor who is considered to be among the most intellectual characters in the Marvel Universe. He is an expert in all branches of science, including physics, electronics, biology, chemistry, mechanical, electrical, and aeronautical engineering.

Richards, his closest friend Ben Grimm, then-girlfriend Sue Storm, and her younger brother Johnny Storm were all exposed to significant doses of cosmic radiation while traveling into space aboard the pilfered rocket, the Marvel-1. The radiation changed him and his buddies, allowing him to bend and sculpt his body any way he wished. Later on, they became the Fantastic Four.

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John Krasinski last played Mr. Fantastic in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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