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Paddy Considine says Aemma’s death “cemented” Viserys’ love for her




Game of Thrones was renowned for featuring some of the most gory death sequences in television history, like Oberyn Martell’s head being crushed and Joffrey being suffocated by poison, among other horrific examples. And it appears that the prequel House of The Dragon is continuing the tradition by including a very graphic and violent childbirth scenario in the very first episode. And fans hated Paddy Considine‘s Viserys for being the one responsible for it.

Filming Aemma’s death scene was excruciating for Sian Brooke

In an interview with Variety, Considine recalled filming the scene, “When you’re working on something like that, you can still be kind of fluid. That death scene was a tough couple of days work, particularly for Sian. It was so emotional, that it really cemented the love that Viserys felt for her.”


“You know, people misunderstood and thought that he’d decided to kill his wife. But that wasn’t the case. She and the baby were both going to die, no matter what, but we could possibly save the child if we perform this procedure, which just turned into butchery.”

Viserys allowed himself to “get sicker and sicker”

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Considine went on to describe how Viserys felt after the unfortunate event, “That’s the guilt that Viserys has carried with him. How she met her end was something that haunted him for the rest of his life. When he started to become sick early on, it was almost a manifestation of the guilt that he felt over Aemma’s death. So he just allowed himself to get sicker and sicker. He never asked for a cure. He never asked for help. Viserys almost accepted his fate, really, as punishment.”

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