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Paddy Considine reveals the House of the Dragon scene he’s “really proud of”




Paddy Considine did a fantastic job as King Viserys Targaryen in House of the Dragon. The King’s pain and feelings as he lay on his deathbed could be felt by anyone who watched the first season of the show. George R. R. Martin proclaimed that it was even better than his rendition in the books after his performance moved viewers to tears. However, there was one scene he was particularly fond of.

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Paddy Considine’s favourite House of the Dragon scene

In a recent interview with Variety, Considine revealed, “In Episode 1, the scene with Milly, the young Rhaenyra, where I tell her about the [Song of Ice and Fire] prophecy. We shot that twice. To be fair, it was Milly’s first day, and even though I’m doing all the talking, it’s a big number to put somebody into.”

think of Viserys’ prophecy

“A scene like that is better once you’re established in this story a bit more. So we went back and reshot it. Doing that sort of dialogue —it doesn’t come easy. So I was really putting that belief in it, like the world itself depended on it — which it did. That was a scene that I was really proud of.”

When did Viserys begin to hate being the King?

Considine said Viserys began to hate his job by Episode 3. He said, “I think he saw through it. He saw through people. He was a lot wiser than people give him credit for. He’s not stupid. The situation with Rhaenyra and her children, he was very alive to that. That’s how I always played it. But it’s like any family that has these kinds of secrets: I was determined that it wouldn’t get out and I wouldn’t allow people to talk about it.”

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