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Olivia Cooke recalls being No.1 on Wiki Feet after her controversial House of the Dragon scene



Episode 9 reveals Larys Strong’s weird fetish

Episode 9 has one of the sequences that generated the most number of memes and a feeling of disgust among House of the Dragon viewers. That is where Ser Larys Strong (Matthew Needham) pleasures himself by looking at Queen Alicent Hightower’s (Olivia Cooke) feet in exchange for providing her information. Cooke recently recalled the incident that led to her being listed on a weird site.

Olivia Cooke’s feet were No.1 on Wiki Feet after the Larys and Alicent scene

Alicent had to go through a lot to get information through Larys, Cooke has been trying to avoid the reaction it generated for the longest time. She recalled in the unwrapped podcast,“Apparently, I was number 1 on WikiFeet for a while”, she continued, “I’m glad I experienced something like that. It’s one of the memoirs, isn’t it?”

House of the Dragon's Olivia Cooke on Ignoring Haters, Hangover Cures & Season 2 - UnWrapped Podcast

Olivia Cooke recalls the wild public reaction to her feet scene

Cooke went on to reveal, “Yeah, it’s wild. Because doing that scene, we knew that there is like this intense power play at hand. And sort of like exploring the deep shame and intricacies of that. But then you know the internet completely just pulled stills.”

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“It extrapolates on what end they want to, and so it all became about the feet in the online discourse. So yeah, it was mad. You don’t know what’s gonna hit, what people are gonna be pixelated by. And it was completely surprising, and that’s why I don’t look into my DMs.”

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