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Olivia Cooke (Alicent) compares anti-abortion laws in Texas to Game of Thrones’ medieval world




Game of Thrones was one of the most controversial shows of all time. A TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, the series took inspiration from several real-life events that occurred in history. Many of the show’s controversial sequences are also taken from social evils that were perceived as normal during the medieval period, and some of them still continue to persist. A highly-disputed decision made by the US Supreme Court recently was criticized by a lot of people around the world, including House of The Dragon star Olivia Cooke.


Cooke labeled the Supreme Court’s decision to end constitutional protections for abortion across the US in June as ‘disheartening’. The verdict saw the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade ruling – which ensured protections for people to seek legal abortions – overturned, sparking protests across the world. Cooke also added it was ‘reflective’ of the Game of Thrones world.

She told The Daily Telegraph, “And this is set in a fantasy world that is loosely based on a more medieval time and yet we are still dealing with the same themes. It is incredibly disheartening. Women in Westeros, they’re expected to breed as early in age as possible and in Texas, that’s the same. I didn’t realize how topical it would be, especially now at the point of release.”

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