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House of The Dragon’s Matt Smith calls Caraxes “an avatar of Daemon”




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon will be here next week, and fans are already on their toes waiting for their return to Westeros. The show’s main attraction, the numerous colorful, majestic, and terrifying dragons, will be present in plenty, much more than in Game of Thrones.  Former Doctor Who Matt Smith is playing the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen on the show, one of the key players in the story of House of The Dragon. And his dragon, Caraxes, is going to be one of the meanest, biggest, and baddest beasts in the series.


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Smith talked about his dragon, Caraxes. He said, “My dragon’s called Caraxes. He’s a bit of an avatar of Daemon — he’s grumpy, sardonic, insular, volatile, chaotic. There’s a very strong connection between the dragon and the dragonrider.” It’s not all done with CGI, either: “There’s an actual dragon, and you sit on it and they move it around by remote control, while firing rain and all sorts of things at you.”

He also talked about how troublesome his Targaryen wig was, “It looks great but it’s a f*cking pain in the arse. It took an hour and a quarter to put on every day. I was like, ‘Obviously the Targaryens are known for their blonde hair — but can’t we just give them some highlights?’”

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