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House of The Dragon’s first season will be devoid of any sexual violence




Game of Thrones ended more than a year ago. There were many reasons for the fantasy show’s popularity, the show’s breathtaking scenery, gory battle scenes and so much more. However, the series was infamous for showing horrible violence against women. It is true that the medieval period, on which the show is loosely based, was a very difficult time for women. Many have objected to projecting such graphic violence on the big screen. One of the many reasons why the upcoming prequel House of The Dragon will have a lesser number of such scenes compared to Game of Thrones.

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House of The Dragon’s showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik talked to Insider in a press conference and revealed there won’t be any sexual violence in Season 1. “You’re dealing with a bunch of characters who all live under the same roof,” Condal said. “So those stories are necessarily going to be different. We’re not in war time yet, there isn’t that kind of sexual violence that follows war. That world hasn’t really entered the story just yet.”


He continued, “Look, it is ‘Game of Thrones.’ There is sex and violence as part of the story. But the particular way we’ve approached it this time is making sure that whenever you’re going to have any subject matter like sex or violence on screen, there’s a compelling story reason. It’s a story that needs to be told, and it’s not being done gratuitously or to titillate or anything like that.”

They consented to everything that they ended up doing on camera and I think they felt good about it because they knew as actors that they were performing a story and not doing sex for sex’s sake,” Condal added.

Sapochnik joined in as well, “We have to be responsible partners to the people that we’re working with, both on the screen and behind the screen.”

I think the industry is taking note and there may be a certain overcorrection happening, which is always a natural part of making an overall correction,” Sapochnik said. “You can’t just partially correct. You have to find where you are — it’s like a pendulum. It has to swing like this to find the right space. And it’s really important to us that we be part of the solution there and not part of the problem. So that’s how we’ve been approaching it.”

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