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House of the Dragon Season 2 leak hints Rhaenyra may get compared to Maegor Targaryen



The second season of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon will begin with divided loyalties. Fans, knights, and their Houses will be picking a side, and whether it is the Greens or Blacks, a lot of blood will be shed. In fact, the Greens have already begun their name-calling tactics, calling Rhaenyra with a chant that doesn’t sound too unfamiliar with the Targaryen history in mind.

The Greens chant ‘Rhaenyra the Cruel’ during the funeral

The civil war will begin very early in Season 2, and by the looks of the production, both sides have already had a taste of blood. Locals at the filming site in Spain noticed that in order to sway the citizens of King’s Landing in their favor, the Greens devise a name-calling tactic, labeling Rhaenyra as Rhaenyra the Cruel, after Prince Jaehaerys’ murder by Blood and Cheese. Those familiar with Targaryen history know that another Targaryen king was given a similar name.

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Who was Maegor the Cruel?

Maegor the Cruel was Aegon the Conqueror and Queen Visenya’s son, rider of Balerion, and the third king to sit on the Iron Throne. He usurped the throne from his nephew, Aegon the Uncrowned, and killed him and his dragon Quicksilver in aerial combat. His reign was seen as that of terror and a lot of knights, ladies, and the common populace suffered under his whim. He was succeded by King Jaehaerys Targaryen, his youngest nephew.

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