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Matt Smith shot his scenes in the rain despite being sick during House of the Dragon Season 2 filming

Matt Smith shares his least glamorous day on set.



Alys Rivers might explain the curse of Harrehal to Daemon in House of the Dragon episode
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Matt Smith has been phenomenal as Daemon Targaryen on House of the Dragon. Especially in season 2 of the HBO prequel, the actor has really embraced the darkness and twisted ways of the Rogue Prince. From recruiting Blood and Cheese for the ultimate revenge to leaving Dragonstone to prove his mettle, Daemon has been on an exploratory trajectory.

House of the Dragon season 2 will bring about many turbulent events for both Blacks and the Greens. The Dance of the Dragons is a crucial point in Targaryen’s history, something that threatens to unravel their entire legacy. From mass bloodshed to twisted betrayals, this season of House of the Dragon is going to be epic.

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Matt Smith talks about bad days on set

"I almost got fired!" The House of the Dragon cast on 'Peak Targaryen Energy' and geeking out on set

Just like in any other job and profession, acting and filming television series also has its good and bad days. Recently, BBC Radio 1 asked the cast of House of the Dragon to recall their bad days on set when they were incredibly uncomfortable or miserable. To this question, Matt Smith shared how House of the Dragon season 2 has various indoor rain scenes.

We believe he is talking about scenes at Harrenhal here as the video interspersed the interview with shots from the trailer. As Daemon ventures into the territory to claim Harrenhal, he has to fight soldiers and prove his worth as a warrior. Talking about his least glamorous day on set, Smith recollected,

“Yeah I mean all of the above pretty much daily how like indoor rain I had a lot of this year I know it sounds like it can’t really happen but let me tell you there’s a lot of indoor rain in my in season 2 of House of the Dragon which actually I quite like because it does a lot of the acting for you yeah but I was really ill that week um and I was just getting rained on metaphorically, literally, spiritually.”

Moreover, this just goes to show how dedicated and committed Smith is to his work and his role as Daemon. It seems like some very dramatic scenes are coming our way in the upcoming episodes. As Daemon claims Harrenhal, it might restore Rhaenyra’s faith in her husband who only wants to support and protect her.

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