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Criston Cole doesn’t think Aegon is the right person to sit on the Iron Throne, says Fabien Frankel

Fabien Frankel gets candid about Criston Cole’s opinion on Aegon II.



Fabien Frankel
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Just one misstep was enough for Aegon II to fire his grandfather Otto Hightower from the position of Hand of the King. In a brief second, the King decided that the commander of his army would also serve as his Hand since he was capable enough to plot a possible end to the war. Criston Cole is now charged with defending the crown on the battlefield as well as steering the King’s actions in the court.

However, it’s a decision taken in haste since Criston Cole does not have the foresight or the experience one needs to determine the next move in this game of power and ambition.

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Fabien Frankel shares Cole’s take on King Aegon II


Credits: Max

Even though Aegon II just gave Criston Cole such a high honor, Cole does not necessarily think the world of him. Fabien Frankel recently shared what his character Criston Cole thinks of King Aegon II. Serving as his army’s Lord Commander and now the Hand of the King as well, Cole and Aegon II are going to work in tandem to ensure the Greens remain victorious. Frankel expressed to CBR,

Albeit, I don’t think Criston thinks Aegon is the right person necessarily to sit on the Iron Throne. Aegon is also someone who wants to get things done and prove himself. Aegon respects Criston because Criston’s known him since he was a baby and taught him a great deal. It’s kind of like Criston’s been a manny to Aegon. [Laughs] He’d rather have Aegon on the Iron Throne than anyone else at that point. Even Aemond on the Iron Throne has its own threats and its own risks. Aegon’s impetuousness can also be a good thing for Criston as Hand of the King.

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Both Cole and Aegon II are impatient and eager to act. This is why Cole takes matters into his own hands and sends Arryk Cargyll to murder Rhaenyra in her own halls. This action further leads to Aegon II appreciating Cole’s bold move and firing Otto from the prestigious position. Only time will tell how this impulsive decision fares for the King in the wars to come.

Fabien Frankel loves filming fight scenes

fabien frankel

Credits: Max

As a historical drama show, House of the Dragon can be a bit drawn on and lengthy. The same goes for the filming process with vast sets that are put up. The showrunners film a scene from every angle possible. Frankel shares how that filming schedule can be long and boring. On the other hand, shooting fight scenes, especially with Matt Smith, has been fun for the actor. Frankel shared,

I think if you quite like sport, which Matt and I do, the fight scenes are the best bit. I actually wish I could do more [fight scenes] because it just gives you something to completely focus all your energies on. When Matt and I got to do a great fight together in Season 1, those days flew by, and my adrenaline was sky-high.

We have a lot of battle scenes coming up in House of the Dragon season 2 since Ryan Condal confirmed there are two major wars in this season. Given his comments, seems like Frankel had a lot of fun filming the scenes on the battlefield.

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