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Maisie Williams wishes fans asked her about her Doctor Who character instead of Arya




An artist gains popularity based on their versatility. The HBO hit Game of Thrones is the origin of some of the industry’s best actors, including some who have gone on to play significant roles in major studio productions like the MCU and the DCEU. Maisie Williams is definitely one of them, experimenting with several different characters. Despite being widely known for her role as Arya, she feels one of her other roles, from the beloved Dr. Who franchise, is often overlooked by fans.

Maisie Williams hopes fans recognize her for Doctor Who as well

Williams has been making her mark in the acting industry for quite some time now. She also played the role of a Viking girl named Ashildr, who dies and is brought back by Doctor Who as an immortal in Series 9. In a recent interview with Collider, Williams expresses her desire to work with the now Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa, in the future. She said,

“Yeah, potentially! I’d love to work with Ncuti, that would be so cool. I actually had never even [thought] about— People are always asking me about Arya, that no one asks me about Ashildr. So maybe! I would love that, yeah that would be cool.”

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Maisie Williams re-watched Game of Thrones for House of the Dragon

Maisie Williams, star of Game of Thrones, is over her Arya Stark phase. She was recently promoting her forthcoming show, The New Look, stopping by on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Williams said, “Well, I mean there are a couple of places. But yeah, I mean it’s still very, very popular. As popular as it ever was.”

She acknowledged that she had rewatched it when Fallon questioned whether she had, saying, “I did, I rewatched and it was really a challenge. So obviously, House of the Dragon came back, and I think like a lot of people, I was like, “Let me sit and watch Game of Thrones again.”

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