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Maisie Williams was devastated on Ned Stark’s death on her Game of Thrones re-watch



Lannisters and Starks

A notorious aspect of Game of Thrones was the elimination of some highly beloved characters. The story’s motivation and sense of retaliation were aided by these fatalities. Sean Bean‘s Lord Eddard Stark was among the first major figures to be killed off. A number of characters’ paths were shaped by the events that followed Ned’s death. His execution still traumatizes a large section of the fanbase, including actress Maisie Williams.

Maisie Williams re-watched Game of Thrones to get into House of the Dragon

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has moved on from her Arya Stark days. She recently visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while promoting her upcoming show The New Look. On being asked if fans still recognize her from her ever-popular show, She replied, “Well, I mean there are a couple of places. But yeah, I mean it’s still very, very popular. As popular as it ever was.”

Fallon also asked if she rewatched it, to which she agreed and said, “I did, I rewatched and it was really a challenge. So obviously, House of the Dragon came back, and I think like a lot of people, I was like, “Let me sit and watch Game of Thrones again.”

Maisie Williams on Rewatching Game of Thrones and Filming The New Look in Paris | The Tonight Show

Ned Stark’s death still traumatizes Maisie Williams

While most would assume Williams should remember the majority of the scenes as she was present during all 8 seasons, one must also remember she started on it when she was fairly young. When the host asked the same thing, Williams answered, “I don’t know, I just feel like when it was coming out, I was not even like really sentient yet.”

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“So I sat down and watched the whole thing. And finally, now I feel like I have a perspective on it. I was devastated when Ned died. I was like, “I can’t believe they did that!” It just feels like a different time in my life. Like it’s not me, a little bit. So now I just got the time to watch it kind of for the first time.”

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