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Jason Momoa allegedly dressed up as Johnny Depp and demanded Amber Heard to be fired from Aquaman 2




Due to the trials that exposed secrets about their marriage, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp received a lot of media coverage. The highly-publicized case demonstrated the nasty side of an unhealthy relationship and a prejudiced culture, and showed that men may also become victims of domestic abuse. And it seems like Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa was not going to tolerate it anymore.

Jason Momoa allegedly showed up drunk on set and wanted to get Amber Heard fired

As per a recent report by Variety, several Depp supporters paid the court costs for the release of paperwork from Heard’s therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes. The unfinished remarks, written on a legal pad, were shown at the well-publicized trial that Depp won last year. The notes stated:

“Jason said he wanted me fired,–Jason drunk — late on set. Dressing like Johnny. Has all the rings too.”

A DC representative refuted all the claims made by Amber Heard

Though Momoa’s representatives have yet to speak up on this revelation, a DC franchise representative stepped up to address the issue on behalf of the film crew. The spokesperson stated:

“Jason Momoa conducted himself in a professional manner at all times on the set of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.’” 

Heard has yet to respond to the issue, but a close friend of the actress revealed that the notes are about the “Aquaman 2” set and are from a meeting on December 27, 2021. According to a second source close to the actress, her lawyers battled to keep the treatment notes sealed after Depp’s lawyers subpoenaed them during discovery.

Elon Musk reportedly threatened DC not to fire Amber Heard

Warner Bros and director James Wan intended to fire her owing to a lack of chemistry between her and Jason Momoa, who portrays the eponymous superhero, and even informed her attorney, Karl Austen, of the decision. According to the same source, Elon Musk prevented the studio from doing so.

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“Musk had one of his litigators send a ‘scorched-earth letter to Warner Bros. threatening to burn the house down’ if the actress wasn’t brought back for a sequel,” the source revealed.

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