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Jason Momoa is responsible for the Game of Thrones coffee cup gaffe, says Andrew McClay




The final season of Game of Thrones is still talked of for a variety of reasons, some like it, some don’t, but there’s one incident that has stuck to it like an unwashable blot, the infamous coffee cup incident. Fans were bewildered at the silly mistake and the cast and the crew kept playing a blame game for all these years, confusing everyone regarding who was responsible for the gaffe. However, the curtain has been finally lifted, and we know at last who to blame for the horrendous blunder, an actor who had left the show after the first season itself, i.e. Jason Momoa. Yes, it was Khal Drogo!

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In a recent live Instagram Q&A session with Game of Laughs, Game of Thrones’ Andrew McClay, who played Aberdall Strongbeard and has participated in almost every major battle on-screen, revealed who was behind that infamous incident, and the answer is as shocking as it looks, someone we would have never even guessed. He revealed,

“Yeah, I do. I keep on hearing bullshit, Do you know who’s fault that is? Fuc*ing Jason Momoa! That’s Khal Drogo’s fault! Because he was over, he was shooting. It’s a generic coffee cup we see on the tea tables. So what you had there was, in that coffee cup was honey and lemon for Emilia’s throat, because her throat was killing her, right. So, the whole thing is the directors of the episode have the cameras running, right. One pointed at Jon Snow, one pointed at Daenerys, one pointed at Tyrion, Jaime Lannister, everyone, and then running them all one at a time. Then there’s some bastard who’s watching each screen, right, because they don’t want to miss any of the actions whatsoever.”

“Jason Momoa was over, shooting for the Graham Norton Show in England, which is a talk show, and he decided what he would do is stay in the Northern Ireland to see everyone on the set of Game of Thrones. And whenever Jason’s on set, and he’s here every season, he’s so…um… You hear him before you see him (imitates Momoa) and he’s one funny mother*fucker. So he’s here and he’s making everyone laugh. Do you know what I mean? And it just slipped through man. But I love him.”

Who would have guessed it was Khal Drogo who caused the coffee cup gaffe? Perhaps he had returned from the dead to haunt the showrunners for the controversial final season? What do you think of the incident? Tell us in the comments below!


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