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Vhagar might burn an important character in House of the Dragon Episode 6





The wait for every new episode of House of the Dragon is filled with theories and speculation. From the latest photos of episode 6, we know that Laena Velaryon (Nanna Blondell) is pregnant with her and Daemon Targaryen’s third child. They are seen sharing intimate moments together at the castle of the Prince of Pentos. From the books, we know that the couple eloped since they knew their marriage would not be accepted by the court. But a recent leak has us questioning if Vhagar will burn her rider, Laena, and why that could be.

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daemon and laena in episode 6

Los Siete Reinos reported that the filming of dragon-fire was seen during a night shoot at the Pentos location. We already know that Daemon and Leana scenes have been shot here. In one shot posted by Los Siete Reinos, we can also see Daemon looking shocked and sad. Fans are saying that Laena overhears Daemon and others discussing how she would not make it through childbirth.

Hearing this, Laena dies by suicide by dragon fire since she wanted to die a dragon rider’s death. Although in the books, Laena does actually die after a difficult childbirth, her dying wish was to ride Vhagar one last time. This could end up being a significant change from the books.


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It could also be that Leana is already nearing death after childbirth and decides to go out with Dragonfire instead. Showrunners might have decided to change Laena’s death since Aemma Targaryen suffered the same fate. Having two character deaths die in a similar way within one season might be seen as repetitive. But the question remains, is the dragon in the leak actually Vhagar? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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