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HBO confirms Larys Strong’s sigil is a Firefly, here’s what it means



larys strong firefly sigil episode 6 house of the dragon

Episode six of House of the Dragon affirmed Larys ‘Clubfoot’ Strong’s position as the new Littlefinger. He is scheming, cut-throat, and power-hungry. We had our first good look at him in episode 5, where he compares young Alicent to the flower Malvales. Just like the flower being endemic to Braavos, he points out how it shouldn’t be able to survive in King’s Landing. His words are honeyed poison, sowing seeds of paranoia and doubt in her mind.

Larys had made his way into Queen Alicent’s inner circle in the latest episode. By the end of it, Larys had committed ‘kinslaying’, considered one of the most heinous crimes in the Seven Kingdoms. He cleared the way for Alicent’s father to become Hand of the King again as he becomes the new heir to the House Strong and the seat of Harrenhal. But we see a new detail: a firefly pin on the cloaks of the prisoners who set fire to Harrenhal on Larys’ orders.

The Meaning Behind The Firefly

larys strong firefly cane

His new personal sigil, the firefly, is also on his cane. Most species of fireflies are pollinators. By comparing Alicent to a flower, it signals Larys’ true intentions. Pollinators help the flower but also feed on its nectar. While the process of pollination helps both the flower and the firefly, sucking on its nectar is only beneficial to the pollinator.

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Larys plucked the Malvales flower as he broke the news of his doing to Alicent. Larys, like a firefly, is like a glimmer of light to the queen with no allies; but the compound in a firefly’s light is poisonous. And from the book, we know he is only here to use her, and everyone around him, for his own personal gain. Insects are also masters of camouflage, which he will continue to do in the Targaryen household. In the coming seasons, we’ll see how Larys Strong is loyal to no one, except himself.

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