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House of The Dragon showrunners take you behind-the-scenes of the making of Episode 3




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally here! The third episode of the show aired earlier today, and it is every bit as dark, powerful, visceral, disturbing, and stunning to look at, just as George R. R. Martin prophesied. One of the main characters of the show, Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Milly Alcock, transitions through a lot in the most recent episode. This will definitely affect the forthcoming storyline, as implied by the cast and crew of the show in a new behind-the-scenes video from episode 3.

House of the Dragon | S1 EP3: Inside the Episode (HBO)

Ryan Condal: We always talked about episode 3 being about leaving childhood behind for many of our characters, for Daemon, for Rhaenyra, for Alicent. Because of the nature of this story, because it was a generational conflict that was about war, we needed that time to plant those seeds and let them grow. And the only way to do that is to let the time pass. We meet Viserys, he’s got a son, Alicent is pregnant, the War in The Stepstones is not going well. We understand that two or three years’ worth of material has happened in those couple of opening scenes. 

Miguel Sapochnik: We tried to approach it as practical a way as possible in the first time. And it was a good way of grounding the time jump.

Condal: This was the first one where a substantial amount of screen time passes offscreen, and we’re just asking the audience to pay attention, listen and play along, and figure out what’s happened in between.

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