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Steve Toussaint, who plays the Sea Snake in House of the Dragon, had seasickness while filming




The second episode of HBO’s House of the Dragon was full of drama as different alliances battled it out and ended with a new one potentially taking on a sinister threat. What’s clear about the show, is that a lot of it will involve the water. We can expect to see more scenes set in or near water as the series progresses.

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In this regard, Steve Toussaint (who plays Lord Corlys, the Sea Snake) recently revealed what troubles he faced while filming in the water. In an interview with the New York Times, Toussaint admitted that in recent months he’s had to film scenes while on a boat and unfortunately, he’s gotten seasick each time.


The actor said that –

It’s a weird thing. The last couple of times I’ve been on a boat, I suddenly started getting seasick. I’ve never had that in my life, but just recently it started happening.”

It’s definitely worth taking the time to read the full interview in which he talks about his experience playing Lord Corlys on the show. Unfortunately, there have been some racist backlash to his casting, but Toussaint has handled it well and seems to be settling into the role nicely. In real life, he says, he’s still finding his feet a bit, but overall things are going well.

[via NY Times]

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