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“A Son for a Son”: House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere will be more than an hour-long



House of the Dragon season 2
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With more promos and behind-the-scenes footage, House of the Dragon has finally revealed the title and the duration of the first episode of season two. Fans have been waiting with bated breath to finally know how the arc of House of the Dragon season 2 begins. It turns out, the episode will be called “A Son for a Son”, and run for 64 minutes.

What is the title of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1?

Aegon, Aemond and Halaena

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The title of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1 is “A Son for a Son.”

This hints at the burgeoning battle that began with Aemond killing Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys. Now, the Blacks are armed with a hunger for revenge. Rhaenyra and Daemon are going to go after a son of the Greens to get even.

An apt title to begin the season with a bang, fans already have high expectations from the second season of House of the Dragon.

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What is the duration of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1?

Rhaenyra and Daemon on the beach

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The first episode of season 2 has been revealed to be 64 minutes long. We believe this episode will set the stage for more battles and more betrayals to come. Speculations suggest that the episode will open with a funeral for Lucerys. We might also see Rhaenyra taking her time to grieve her son.

Subsequently, she will perhaps throw all principles out of the window and do everything in her power to show the Greens that they have messed with the wrong person.

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Evidently, the Blacks are readying their alliance and strengthening it from all sides. The episode is going to feature adult content, adult language, and violence. Consequently, as with all Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon episodes, viewer discretion is advised.

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