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House of the Dragon co-creator Ryan Condal has exclusive Winds of Winter secrets




As A Song of Ice and Fire fan, you would undoubtedly have George R.R. Martin privileges if you were to be the co-creator of a massively successful Game of Thrones spinoff. Ryan Condal proves us right by letting fans at the Game of Thrones Convention know that the author sprinkles things here and there sometimes. “He’s told me things that have, not a direct connection [to House of the Dragon], but when he’s explaining mythologies and things like that, he’ll just casually mention things,” he said.

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“It’s so cool, but it’s like, ‘Ah! I just want to read the book,’ says Condal. “So I’m very much looking forward to that as a fan, and I’m a fan of his too. I’m really rooting for him, and I want him to get, as he calls it, the monkey off his back.” Since Miguel Sapochnik left, Ryan Condal became the sole showrunner of House of the Dragon. He prefaced this by telling the QnA moderators that “It’s cool because I still get to be a fan… I’m as excited for The Winds of Winter as everybody in that room. I know some things because George just mentions things at times.”

If you would get a chance to be in Condal’s shoes, what would you ask George R.R. Martin about Winds of Winter? Let us know on our discord server.

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