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“We’re training very hard,” says Tom Glynn-Carney (Aegon) about House of the Dragon Season 2



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One of the finest moments of House of the Dragon Season 1 was when Aegon and Aemond fought it out. Something about the always cunning and ever-scheming nature of Aegon made him a very intriguing character. Moreover, Tom Glynn-Carney played the character down to the last morsel making it easily one of the best performances in the Game of Thrones prequel.

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The first-ever official Game of Thrones Convention, was attended by several excited fans and actors of the series. And Tom Glynn-Carney was present in all his glory and decided to talk a bit about his character and what his future in Westeros looks like. He said the upcoming season will be very “strenuous” as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Glynn-Carney said “I’m looking forward to having Aegon have a lot more meat to get his teeth stuck into and to cause more havoc, really, and to throw a spanner in the works, which he does so well,“.

He also dropped hints about what to expect from his character, and others, from a physical point of view:

All I can tell you is that we’re training very hard and we are making sure our bodies are in good enough condition for how strenuous season 2 is gonna be.”

Apart from Aegon’s character development, the actor said he really hopes that fans do not judge Aegon just based on what they saw in Season 1. However, given how his time on the series also consists of him committing a bunch of vile acts, Aegon needs to pull out some really heartwrenching backstory in order to get the audience on his side.

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