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Gwayne Hightower leads the charge in new House of the Dragon leaks




A disastrous hurricane that will envelop all of Westeros is coming for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. As is customary in Game of Thrones, there will be death and destruction at every turn, and beloved characters will start to go like flies once Season 2 arrives. Several new details about the upcoming season show the extent of destruction in Westeros in new leaks.

Gwayne Hightower leads the Green cavalry

A massive battle sequence is currently being filmed in Bourne Woods in Surrey. Many speculate that it is the infamous Battle of the Rook’s Rest, the first major war in Dance of the Dragons civil war. Criston Cole will be leading the army, with Gwayne Hightower second in command. A few more leaks from the set show Gwayne leading the Green cavalry to battle.

Bordon is home to a new House of the Dragon set

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House of the Dragon season two production is progressing very quickly, with simultaneous shooting taking place throughout the UK. The setting for Tyrosh, one of the Free Cities that will participate in the Battle of Gullet, has reportedly been found in a new filming location in Bordon, according to a recent claim from the House the Dragon fan site.

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