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House of the Dragon Episode 9 preview shows the Green Council, meet the members



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House of the Dragon uses more than just dialogue to convey the story. One of the most prominent pieces of symbolism in the series so far has been the costumes. More specifically, the colors. They signaled the split between Greens and the Blacks long before words did. The factions of Green and Black got their names from the signature dresses of Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra. Queen Alicent wears primarily green, the color of the beacon of her house; Rhaenyra wears black and red, the colors of House Targaryen.

Episode 8 ends with Viserys speaking his last words. The next episode is titled “The Green Council,” referring to the Dowager Queen’s small council who, save for Lord Beesbury, unanimously side with Alicent after the King’s death. The Greens believe Aegon II is the rightful heir instead of Princess Rhaenyra. And the preview for episode 9 shows that Ser Otto and the Greens will go to any lengths to secure the crown. Apart from Queen Alicent and Aegon II, here are the key members of the Green Council so far.

Ser Otto Hightower

otto hightower in house of the dragon episode 8

Ser Otto is effectively the puppet master of the entire operation. He is pulling the strings and pushing the buttons. His thirst for power serves as a cautionary tale in the books. He proves that knowledge is not everything. Otto is the main reason behind Alicent’s paranoia. He has filled her mind to the brim with poison against Rhaenyra. In episode 8, Ser Otto frowns as he sees Alicent approach her ex-best friend lovingly, even holding her arm. Ser Otto is the complete opposite of King Viserys in the sense that where Viserys will risk his life to protect his daughter, Otto will risk his daughter and family to protect his power.

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Ser Criston Cole


Ser Criston is always ready to take any action that will hurt Rhaenyra. He even agrees to Queen Alicent’s order of blinding the 7-year-old Lucerys Velaryon until Daemon stops him. Queen Alicent and Ser Criston’s common dislike for Rhaenyra binds them closer. The knight is skilled in battle, being the only person to defeat Ser Daemon in House of the Dragon so far. He is spiteful towards Rhaenyra because she did not run away with him into the sunset. He felt used and dishonored. Cole was about to take his own life in episode 5 when Queen Alicent found him near the Godswood tree. Ever since then, he has been her sworn shield and will be in the future.

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Ser Tyland Lannister


Ser Tyland Lannister is the younger twin brother of Lord Jason Lannister, the Lord of House Lannister. He is brilliant and was said to have worked his way up on his merit to the status he eventually reached. He worked effectively and efficiently in whichever role he was appointed to, no matter the side. As a second son, he knew things would not be handed to him like they were to his older brother. As Master of Coin in Dowager Queen Alicent’s council, he ensured that the Greens secured as much wealth as possible before the war began.

Grand Maester Orwyle


Grand Maester Orwyle took the reins after Maester Mellos. His character’s actions are dubious as he wrote the accounts of the war, which caused bias. In the book, he is said to have helped King Viserys regain some of his health, but in the show, we never see him improve. It might be possible that the maesters helped the Hightowers poison the King so Otto could take over in his place. Daemon Targaryen even sniffs the cup Viserys sips from, and what he smells is not pleasant. He confronts Alicent, saying she and her father are doing this so Viserys can remain addled while they enjoy the power.

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Jasper Wylde


Jasper Wylde is the head of House Wylde, with their seat being the Rain House. He was known by the smallfolk as “Ironrod” owing to his unbending nature. He never let anyone forget that a woman can never inherit the Iron Throne. Although the court jester and unreliable narrator, Mushroom, states that the moniker describes the reason why he had 29 children with four wives. His last wife was said to have died from exhaustion. Wylde firmly states that those who will not bend the knee to Aegon II will die as traitors.

Lord Larys Strong

Larys Strong

The only side Larys is on is his. He is playing the game for himself, and he will stop at nothing. Right now, he stands with Alicent Hightower and the Greens because that is most beneficial to him. He makes Alicent indebted to him in episode 6 when he clears the way for her father to become Hand of the King again. This move made things much easier for the Greens. Larys is more than just a mix of Littlefinger and Varys from Game of Thrones. His cunning and calculating nature makes him unreliable when paired with his hunger for power. There are still plenty of things that are a mystery about this character. Some fans even suspect that he might be a greenseer, a theory that explains how Larys knows so much information.

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We will be introduced to more notable members of the Greens as time goes on. More Hightowers and Lords from many other houses will come onto the scene. Is there any character you’re looking forward to the most? Join our discord server and let us know!

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