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House of The Dragon Episode 6 to introduce the biggest dragon of the series: Vhagar




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is already making jaws drop with its amazing themes, an immersive storyline, blood and gore, and breathtaking graphics. Fans are the most excited about the variety of dragons they will get to see in House of The Dragon. We have already seen a number of dragons so far, Daemon Targaryen’s Caraxes, Rhaenyra’s Syrax, Laenor Velaryon’s Seasmoke, and Rhaenys Targaryen’s Meleys. However, there is one dragon the fans are impatiently waiting for, the last surviving member of the trio that conquered Westeros with Aegon I. And she is about to make a grand entrance.

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Yes, we are talking about Vhagar, the former dragon of Visenya Targaryen, who gets passed down to Laena Velaryon in the show. She is really old and tremendously huge, and is the biggest dragon in Westeros during the time of the Dance of The Dragons. Vhagar will be making her debut in House of The Dragon Episode 6: The Princess and the Queen.

We have already seen glimpses of Vhagar before in the teasers and trailers. The humongous dragon was shown briefly during the post-credit scene during the international premiere. From the clips and pictures shown yet, it is difficult to gauge her actual size. However, she does seem to be bigger than any dragon we have seen yet.

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robert lafontaine
robert lafontaine
1 year ago

with all that big beasts , how they feed them …