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House of the Dragon Episode 6 preview breakdown: Everything is about to change



rhaenyra episode 6

House of the Dragon episode 5 featured pomp, splendor, and its version of the Bloody Wedding from its predecessor, Game of Thrones. We say goodbye to Milly Alcock and Emily Carey as the main leads; as the cast changes, everything will change with them. Let’s take a closer look at the House of the Dragon episode 6 preview released by HBO Max.

Season 1 Episode 6 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

6. Saying Goodbye


A grown up Alicent and Rhaenyra

House of the Dragon will only get more intense as we enter the final half of season 1. After Alicent’s subtle declaration that she’ll not be pushed over anymore in episode 5, the rift between the two women will only worsen. Even though there was not much written about the younger Rhaenyra and Alicent in the book Fire & Blood, the showrunners felt their part of the story was also necessary. Ryan Condal, the show’s co-creator, explains their importance, “They are central female characters who are at once credited and also blamed with this particular war.”

In the interview with Entertainment Weekly, he continues, “Because the history is written by men, we were really interested in the dynamic forces that a certain medieval level of innate chauvinism puts on the two women. Our show is, at its core, the story of the dissolution of this very close female friendship that began in a very young and impressionable point in these girls’ lives.”

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5. The young King to be

A Young Aegon II

A Young Aegon II

Alicent is heard affirming, “You will be our king,” as a young Aegon II smirks on screen. He seems to be a fierce warrior but ruthless as he kicks one of Rhaenyra’s children, much younger than him, to the ground. The prince has an air of regality and confidence surrounding him. He seems to be well prepared for what is to come. We also see his younger brother Aemond in the dragon pit. Both brothers will become skilled Dragonriders.

4. Controversy surrounding Rhaenyra’s children

rhaenyra with her children

We see Rhaenyra and Laenor talk about their marital arrangement in episode 5; each is free to do as they like. And judging by the latest preview, Rhaenyra is a woman of her word. We see all three of her children born with brown hair, which is highly unlikely if the supposed parents both have silvery blonde hair. Coincidentally, we see the children bear the same dark brown curly hair as Ser Harwin Strong, her new sworn protector. We see Alicent further making insinuations against Rhaenyra to the King, “To have one child like that is a mistake, to have three is an insult.”

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3. Ser Harwin Strong vs. Ser Criston Cole

Ser Harwin being held back after punching ser criston

Ser Criston lays on the ground, after being punched by Ser Harwin

Criston Cole might be a fine knight, but Ser Harwin is known as Breakbones for a reason. Harwin stands by, holding himself back, as Aegon II kicks one of Rhaenyra’s children (rumored to be Harwin’s) to the ground while sparring. In another scene which seems to be from the same sequence, Harwin punches Criston senseless. The other knights hold Harwin back to prevent things from escalating even further. It looks like Ser Criston has chosen a side after the last episode, and it’s not Rhaenyra’s.

2. Laena Velaryon and Daemon Targaryen


Laena on Vhagar and Daemon on Caraxes

With the time jump, the relationship between Laena and Daemon also seems to have reached new heights. We see Laena with Daemon and their silver-haired children; one even holds a dragon egg. The duo also goes dragon riding together, with Laena on the massive Vhagar. “We are the blood of Old Valyria,” Laena tells Daemon, and we get the sense that it’s a call for action. Rhaenyra had friendly relations with Laena and Daemon in the book, visiting each other often. Laena might be advising Daemon to stand with Rhaenyra when the time comes.

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1. Training a Dragon

a young dragon following jacaerys' commans

Rhaenyra supervises her eldest son Jacaerys Velaryon as a young dragon is brought to him. The dragon follows the young prince’s command as it spits flames upon Aemond Targaryen, Alicent’s second son, on Jacaerys’ dracarys command. Dragonriders will be important in the ultimate war, Dance of the Dragons. Dragons and riders will shift the plates in the battles to come. So it is a wise decision for Rhaenyra to make her children familiar with dragons early on.

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