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House Lannister banners spotted on the set of House of the Dragon in Surrey




Although the popularity of the original series helped give the prequel a boost, House of the Dragon is a tribute to Game of Thrones and works well on its own. The prequel series had various nods to the original and featured the ancestors of a number of characters that were popular with viewers, hinting at the progression of intergenerational conflict in families.

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House Lannister raises its banner in Surrey

House of the Dragon is simultaneously filming at both the Leavesden Studios and locations in Surrey right now. A number of props have been erected and it seems like Bourne Woods in Surrey will be used as another battlefield. There’s also evidence provided by UNBoxPHD that House Lannister might be involved in the battle, as a banner sporting the House insignia was spotted on site.

Prisoner of War wagons in Aldershot

Locals in Aldershot, Surrey, were able to catch a glimpse of a number of prisoner wagons being taken to a filming location, which may have been used to transport the prisoners of war in Season 2 of House of the Dragon. We may anticipate seeing a lot more wars in Season 2 because several large and minor battles will be shown.

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