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New House of the Dragon leaks show a crater likely caused by a dragon’s crash-landing



Meleys rhaenys greens

One of the elements that contributed to Game of Thrones‘ tremendous appeal was its horrific and extravagantly realistic war scenes. Its prequel, House of the Dragon, has followed in its footsteps and has so far produced some of the best action scenes on television in 2022. There is still much more to come, though, as the Battle of Rook’s Rest is on the way and will include a spectacular dragon battle.

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A part of the famous Battle of Rook’s Rest is being filmed in Surrey

We previously reported that currently filming is taking place at various locations in Surrey, the most prominent being Bourne Mouth and Aldershot. Out of these, it seems Bourne Mouth is being used as a battlefield, as a prop labeled with Rook’s Rest showed up a few days ago, along with a casket full of fake dead bodies.

A dragon crash lands in Surrey

As we know, the Battle of Rook’s Rest is one of the many tragic battles that occur in Fire & Blood where a major character and dragon dies. And a location in Surrey points to just that. In a few pictures that were uploaded by UnBoxPHD, it looks like the crashed site of the charred remains of a dragon, which we can assume going by the lore belong to Rhaenys and her dragon, Meleys.

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