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Here’s the most accurate depiction of Casterly Rock according to George R.R. Martin



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Game of Thrones was famous for its graphic sceneries, even more so for its majestic castles. The prequel House of The Dragon has been the first time for a lot of things in the franchise – the first for 17 dragons to appear on screen, the first time we hear of Aegon’s dream, and the first time we visit Storm’s End. However, we have never actually been to Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of Lannisters, in either Game of Thrones or House of The Dragon.

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In one of his recent posts on his blog Not A Blog, George R. R. Martin shared how the seat of power of House Lannister might actually look like:

“The seat of House Lannister has been mentioned hundreds of times in the five published novels of A SONG OF ICE & FIRE, but the story has never actually gone there… yet. Oh, from time to time Tyrion or Jaime or Cersei have thought back to something or other that happened at the Rock in years past, but aside from those memories and quasi-flashbacks we have never actually seen the Rock… or Lannisport, the city that has grown up near its feet.

This seems to have led to a certain amount of confusion as to what Casterly Rock looks like.

Let me put that to rest.


Here is Casterly Rock, as painted by Ted Nasmith for the Ice & Fire calendar for 2011, the “castle” calendar. The same images were also used in the worldbook/ concordance THE WORLD OF ICE & FIRE. Nobody does castles better than Nasmith. He and I consulted frequently when he was doing the art. There are a few of the images that are not quite as I imagined them… but he absolutely NAILED Casterly Rock.

Take a look. (And if you’d like to see a larger, crisper image, it’s there in the worldbook).”

What do you think of this book-accurate depiction of Casterly Rock? Tell us in the comments below!

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