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Harry Collett (Jacaerys) teases Cregan Stark’s arrival in House of the Dragon Season 2




The young princes and princesses, who are now young adults embroiled in a civil war, will be the main focus of the second season of House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones. Although Lucerys Velaryon’s death at the hands of Aemond and Vhagar will be remembered as one of the most horrific scenes in the series, both the Blacks and the Greens will suffer enormous losses. In Season 2, his older brother Jacaerys will be seeking retribution, but he’ll need help.

Harry Collett confirms Cregan Stark’s presence in House of the Dragon Season 2

The casting of Cregan Stark has been kept under wraps by HBO, though rumors suggest that Tom Taylor might be playing the role. Cregan will play a major role in House of the Dragon Season 2, and Collett, who plays Jacaerys dropped a tease on Instagram before deleting it. His story said, “You don’t know this, Cregan took this.”

Who is Lord Cregan Stark?

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Cregan Stark was the Lord of Winterfell and the head of House Stark during the reigns of King Viserys I, Aegon II, Aegon III, and Daeron I Targaryen. He was thought to be among the kingdom’s best swordsmen. His intimidating and commanding demeanor was one of the reasons he was such a great leader. Aegon III, the son of Rhaenyra, was crowned king at the end of the civil war thanks in large part to Cregan.

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