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Grandma with the best Game of Thrones cosplay ever reacts to her internet fame

Game of Thrones is a show with a huge and lovely fandom, and the fandom has a lot of cosplayers. We have seen a lot of fans emulate the looks of their favorite stars over the years, but we recently saw a cosplay that was perhaps the best Game of Thrones cosplay of all times. Yes, it was the grandma in wheelchair that cosplayed as Lady Olenna Tyrell, with some badass signs. The charming grandma has now reacted to her internet fame. Read on!

Now, in case you don’t remember her cosplay, take a look below :

Her granddaughter recently posted a video about her reaction to all the fame she has been getting. Watch the video below :

She said :

“I think it’s wonderful because it really makes me fill my place. I’m a good actress.

I don’t deserve all that faith they’re giving me, but I love it.”

Addressing fellow elderly cosplayers, she said :

“Go to it gang, while you’ve got nothing to lose.”

..before giving us her impression if Lady Olenna by saying “Tell Cersei, it was me”, and giving an evil laugh. Adorable!

How did you like her reaction? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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