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George R.R. Martin explains the map of the Seven Kingdoms used in House of The Dragon




There are too many locations and characters on Game of Thrones to count, and all of them have detailed descriptions behind them. It’s hard to remember everything, but if you’re as dedicated a fan, you’d end up making an interactive map that shows every detail of the locations of Game of Thrones, be it finding out how close the towns of Essos are or how much area Westeros can cover. But for those who don’t want to get into the hassle of having to draw it out themselves while watching House of The Dragon, George R. R. Martin himself has come forward to explain the map during that period.

In a new video released by the official Twitter account of House of The Dragon, Martin shows the renewed (or rather older, by the show’s timeline) map to the viewers and goes on to explain it.

Martin laughs and goes on to point out the important locations in the clip, “Here’s King’s Landing and Blackwater Bay. This area here is the gullet, which you have to go through. And Dragontone and Driftmark are the two major islands in the gullet. Driftmark is the seat of House Velaryon. And right here are the Stepstones. You see, this right here is Dorne.”

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Martin enthusiastically gushes about several other landmarks in the video, which goes on to show how much involved he is in the series. What do you think of House of The Dragon so far? Tell us in the comments below!

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