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Daemon Targaryen returns to King’s Landing in new House of The Dragon Episode 4 photos




A lot has happened since Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon first aired back in August, Aemma Arryn has died, Viserys has remarried, lost two fingers, Daemon is out there at Stepstones busy with his antics, Rhaenyra feeling lost and lonely, and a lot more. With the story progressing as fast as we have seen with the several time skips, we might be getting closer to a time closer to the actual civil war that the show is focused on. But for now, it seems Episode 4 ‘King of the Narrow Sea’ will have all eyes on Daemon.

In a series of new pictures released by HBO quite recently, Daemon returns to King’s Landing to reconcile with his brother, Viserys.

Return of Daemon Targaryen



Daemon kneels and submits his crown



The Targaryen brothers reconcile



Princess Rhaenyra utterly unamused by whatever’s going in front of her



A strained friendship



Daemon and Rhaenyra getting closer?



The Catspaw makes a return



Otto’s counsel to King Viserys



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