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Directors Geeta Patel and Andrij Parekh in Spain to film multiple important scenes for House of The Dragon



Viserys I Targaryen being helped onto the Iron Throne by Daemon Targaryen

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon successfully completed its first season last year. Fans are already looking forward to the fire-wrapped, gore-filled, emotionally-wrenching second season of the HBO Drama, and it might be here sooner than we realize. The directors of the show have landed in Spain to film important scenes from multiple episodes, that are going to include the deaths of important characters.

Geeta Patel and Andrij Parekh are filming scenes for multiple episodes

Geeta Patel, who filmed Viserys’ last walk scene in Season 1, is going to film Episode 3 in Season 2. Catherine Goldschmidt, the camerawoman for director Geeta Patel, recently posted a picture from the set. Vanja Černjul, the DOP collaborating with director Andrij Parekh, is in Cáceres as well. writer and director Clare Kilner is also in Spain, according to a Reddit thread.

There is no confirmation yet who is filming which scene in Cáceres, but it will become clearer once the credits for individual episodes roll out.

List of locations that will appear in House of The Dragon Season 2

According to the Redanian Intelligence and Hoy Extremadura, filming in Cáceres, Spain for House Of The Dragon Season 2 will be held at these locations:

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• San Jorge Square
• San Mateo Square
• Arco de la Estrella
• Callejón de la Monja
• Orellana Street
• Plaza Mayor de Trujillo

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