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Game of Thrones showrunner’s children quote the Lannisters when angry



David Benioff and D. B. Weiss via Vanity Fair

Game of Thrones had a number of memorable characters, and a lot more resounding dialogues. They have become a prevalent occurrence in pop culture, resurfacing in memes, award shows, and even speeches. Even Game of Thrones showrunner D. B. Weiss’ kids use lines from his former show at home, and at moments you would least expect!

D. B. Weiss’ children quote the Lannisters when angry

Though there are a number of reasons why someone would be mad at the Game of Thrones showrunners (one being the Season 8 mishap), D. B. Weiss’ children know the best way to express their anger. When asked about the last time someone quoted a line from his show, Weiss told THR,

“My kids paraphrased “Lannisters always pay their debts” to me, because they were pissed off at me about something or other. Like telling me that I was going to get mine sooner or later, so we’ll see.”

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Why Game of Thrones deviated from source material

Even though David Benioff and D. B. Weiss made a number of adjustments to the original screenplay, by Season 6, the plot seemed quite different. Benioff clarified in a recent interview, “During the first couple of seasons of Thrones, a lot of people were like, ‘Why didn’t they put in this scene?’ They wanted a literal adaptation of every single page.”

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“I always wondered, ‘Would people like that if they actually got it?’ Now we have that with this, where there’s one extremely faithful adaptation and then ours, which is less so, and others can judge how they stack up.” 


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