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Game of Thrones Season 8 set update: mysterious new figure spotted on King's Landing set



Game of Thrones Season 8 is noe filming and while it doesn’t return till 2019, and a lot of efforts are being taken to avoid leaks and such, we still get some bits of information now and then, and we have a rather intriguing update on the massive King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Read on!

First off, a Game of Thrones fan and Twitter user, @SGuckin snapped a quick photo of the Winterfell set in action. Check it below :

Winterfell looking busy ?@GameOfThrones @WiCnet @IrishThrones @WatchersOTWall @cindymcross3

— Stephen McGuckin ⚡️ (@SGuckin) January 23, 2018

A better look at the set seems to have revealed something interesting, though. Check out another picture by the same fan, below :

What is this on top of the new set?? @GameOfThrones @WiCnet @IrishThrones @WatchersOTWall @cindymcross3

— Stephen McGuckin ⚡️ (@SGuckin) January 20, 2018

Yep, there’s a green human-like figure on the top of the walls of King’s Landing. Take a better look at it in a picture from another angle by a fan on Reddit, below :

Picture I took of a set being constructed for an upcoming episode of Game of Thrones, just across from the Main Studio for filming. That “construction worker” up there on the ramparts is just a dummy lol. More pictures if anyone’s interested. from freefolk

It seems to be a green dummy mounted on top of the walls. The production did something similar a couple of years ago during the Season 6 filming, when a dummy of a White Walker was put up on the sets of King’s Landing, but that was done to throw off the spoiler trail. This figure sort of looks like a construction worker in a helmet and the flourescent suit, so it’s presence to throw off the Paparazzi doesn’t seem like a possibility.

Now the fact that it’s green could mean that it’s a stand in for a CGI character. We would have guessed that someone has put up a slain man up as a trophy, but the only character that could have done something like that, was devoured by his own hounds a while ago.

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There’s yet another interesting detail in the picture: a hall in the wall. Considering the construction of parts around it, it’s likely that thw hole os intentional, so let’s get a guessing game going in the comments about who could have been responsible for that. Why do you think there’s a big hole in the middle of the wall of King’s Landing? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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