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Huge crossbow spotted at Titanic Studios King's Landing set



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Game of Thrones Season 8 is currently filming at the new set atMagheramorne Quarry, and the set is going through a lot of developments, very quickly. As the filming on that set continues, it is expected to move to the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios next, and the set is in the final stages of preparations. As we know, King’s Landing is likely to have extensive presence in Season 8, considering it is being filmed at multiple locations, and has a detailed new set built from the ground up. Now, a giant crossbow has been spotted on the set. Read on!

Now, as you might remember, Quburn designed a giant crossbow meant to kill dragons, called the Scorpion, that we saw Bronn use to try and hit Drogon with Daenerys riding it. It looks like Scorpion might make a comeback in Season 8, too. Let’s take a look, thanks to Instagrammer Steve Bird:

A more stable version of the video so that you can see the weapon more clearly:

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The wall you can see in the background is one we have seen in many other pictures coming from Titanic Studios in Belfast :

@TitanicBelfast where Harry&Meghan arrive soon. Across the dock is the Titanic studios where Game of Thrones are filmed

— Simon Perry (@SPerryPeoplemag) March 23, 2018

It does look a bit different, however, which probably means Qyburn has upgraded his beast-killer, and it is likely we will see multiple ones of these guarding King’s Landing as all sorts of dragons fly towards the capital next season.

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