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People are placing bets on who will win the Game of Thrones



For many of us, Game of Thrones is the show that we spend a lot of time discussing with our friends. Right from the beginning, the show has one question at the crux of its story-line: who will sit on the Iron Throne? Now with the final run, Season 8 being over a year away, this question is getting more heat than ever before, so much so that bookies are apparently now taking bets about who will sit on the Iron Throne. Read on!

The bets on who will sit on the Iron Throne is quite hot, reports Leicester Mercury. William Hill, London book-maker revealed the odds for the ongoing bets. Take a look :

Jon Snow: 9/4Daenerys Targaryen: 4/1Cersei Lannister: 7/1The Night King: 8/1Tyrion Lannister: 10/1Bran Stark: 12/1Gendry: 12/1Samwell Tarly: 12/1Sansa Stark: 12/1Arya Stark: 14/1Euron Greyjoy: 20/1Jaime Lannister: 25/1Varys: 50/1Theon Greyjoy: 66/1Ser Davos Seaworth: 80/1Yara Greyjoy: 80/1Brienne of Tarth: 100/1Jaqen H’ghar: 100/1Melisandre: 100/1

Gilly: 250/1

Well, Gilly might still pull forward. Hill also explained the rules :

“The winner of this market will be whichever character rules the seven kingdoms of Westeros from the Iron Throne at the end of the TV series.

Bets void if no ruler. Dead heat rules apply.”

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Are any of you betting on who will take the throne? If you were to, whom would you bet on? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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