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Game of Thrones NFTs are here as Warner Bros. Discovery launches digital collectibles




Game of Thrones changed the landscape of television and pushed its limits. They are aiming to do the same with NFTs by launching Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm. Here, fans can dive into the world of epic fantasy series, digitally. Warner Bros. Discovery has launched this project, “a one-of-a-kind experience for the ultimate fan” alongside Nifty’s, a platform for NFT-powered fan communities. The designer for DC’s Bat Cowl NFT project, Daz 3D will also collaborate on this project.

On this digital journey into Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm, you will be able to engage in thematic experiences through their customizable avatars. Additional digital collectibles will also feature Equipables like companions, weapons, and gear. Players can burn and forge the latter to further customize and strengthen their avatar. By purchasing other collectible packs, fans can experience iconic moments, locations, characters, and more.

The initial sale will launch unique avatars inspired by Game of Thrones. These will be bundled with a pack of digital collectibles allowing users to begin their journey and upgrade their avatar. Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm will be a multi-chapter project with more upgrades and digital mementos as time progresses.

“Our goal, as always, with the fans is to create new ways for them to interact with the stories and characters they love,” said Josh Hackbarth, Head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros Discovery. “We’re excited to expand the Game of Thrones fandom and franchise with this unique digital collectible program that’ll engage fans on a deeper level, allowing them to immerse into the world of Westeros, and enhance the overall fan experience.”

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There are a lot of controversies around NFTs, though, so we’re not sure how fans will react to this announcement. Want to purchase the NFTs or know more about this exciting project? Visit Nifty’s.

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