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Game of Thrones: Conquest launch date revealed, take a look at the teaser trailer!



Game of Thrones Season 7 finished a while ago, and Season 8 is set to begin filming this month. While it might be a long time before Season 8 rolls around, HBO Global Licensing Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have something for us to help with the wait! They recently announced a new game, called Game of Thrones: Conquest. The initial announcement only had a few details, and pre-registrations info, but now we have a teaser trailer and a release date. Read on!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO Global Licensing has announced the release date for Game of Thrones: Conquest, along with a teaser trailer. The game will be out on the App Store and Google Play on October 19, 2017. The teaser trailer is pretty dope, too. Check it out, below :

The description of the game reads as below:

“Developed by Turbine, the MMO strategy mobile game puts players at the head of their own powerful House, with the ultimate goal of navigating the dangerous political landscape of Westeros and claiming the Iron Throne. Players will see some familiar faces from the hit HBO® show as they play the game, including Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow.

Whether it’s through sheer might or deception, Game of Thrones: Conquest lets players rule their House as they choose. Powerful armies will be raised to march against rivals, while players command their own small councils to sabotage their enemies from within. Westeros won’t be simple to conquer. Players must defend their Houses from each other in player versus player battles or form a strategic Allegiance as they fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms.”

Pre-registration will get you the Prepare for War Bundle, including exclusive Night’s Watch training gear, as well as gold and resources, valued at $50. This is available in the first week of launch only, so go pre-register here. Excited? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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