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Game of Thrones gets the Balenciaga treatment in new set of AI-generated video



Game of Thrones gets the Balenciaga treatment in new set of AI-generated images

AI-generated content including images and videos has been taking over the internet. In recent times, AI-generated “By Balenciaga” videos are getting popular too. While the brand isn’t involved in any way, the videos just feature reimaginings of famous characters from popular Films and TV Shows. Someone also made this type of video for the Game of Thrones cast, so let’s check it out!

Check out Game of Thrones by Balenciaga!

The “Game of Thrones by Balenciaga” video uses AI to reimagine the cast in Balenciaga fashion! The entire video is pretty funny as it even uses popular lines from Game of Thrones and replaces them with the word “Balenciaga.” The lines such as “The things I do for Balenciaga,” and “When you play the game of Balenciaga, you win or you die.” sound absolutely hilarious. The video is definitely a must-watch for Game of Thrones fans!

Game of Thrones by Balenciaga

What is the “By Balenciaga” meme?

These “By Balenciaga” videos are generated using AI and reimagine popular characters Films and TV shows as Balenciaga fashion versions of themselves. The trend started with “Harry Potter by Balenciaga.” which gained millions of views on Tiktok and YouTube and now, there are multiple videos of the same with different Films and TV Shows.

Along with “Game of Thrones by Balenciaga,” the list also includes, “Marvel by Balenciaga,” “Star Wars by Balenciaga,” “Batman by Balenciaga,” “Lord of the Rings by Balenciaga,” “Big Bang Theory by Balenciaga,” “John Wick by Balenciaga,” “Breaking Bad by Balenciaga,” and “The Office by Balenciaga.”

How are the “By Balenciaga” memes made?

All these “By Balenciaga” memes are being made using Generative AI. Just like ChatGPT, Generative AI is a tech that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. The AI model works by using neural networks to identify patterns from large sets of data, and then generate new and original data or content.

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Well with that said, what do you think about the recent “By Balenciaga” memes revolving around the internet? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment down below!

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